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We Are A Professional Organization With All The Innovative Concepts, Positive Approach, And Work Ethics & Integrity.

EVENT FORCE will make your job easier with end to end conference and complete event production management, starting from a small home based party to a large convention or a corporate recreation. We take your vision and make it a reality with our hands on personal attention to each and every detail.

No matter how large or small your budget is, we will create an imaginative, unique and sophisticated event that you will be proud with us..

EVENT FORCE serves as a one stop source for all your event production and management needs. Our skilled and dedicated professional team of organizers meticulously plans each and every detail with a view to provide creative and inspired events.

We are known for creating ideas and producing subjective themes as per the requirements, Allocated budget & Assigned time, Right from the meticulous planning, Visualizing, Conceptualizing, And Production & Finally turning even the Smallest Event into a Huge Success.

Abdulla Hil Hossain .


Our Experience

Since 2004, we always have a privilege to work with the more experienced & creative persons from the field and learnt many things from them. During this small journey we had produced some mega events, managed some prestigious accounts and coordinated some important assignments.

See few of our honourable clients

Our event services

* Corporate Event Management
* Individual Event Management
* Marketing, Branding & Promotion
* Guest and Security Management
* Graphic Design, 3D Presentation & Animation
* Event Logistic (A to Z all)
* Event Production
* Food & Beverage (Catering)
* Celebrity Arrange & Management
* Live / Online Visualization
* Audio / Video Production
* LED Backdrop & Projection
* Sound, Light & Stage (Wooden, Aluminum, Glass)
* Truss, Tent & Pandal
* Event / Venue / Premises Decoration
* Gift & Souvenir Production
* Web Site Design And Development
* Practice Pad & Studio
* Landscaping, Fountain & Beautification.


Event Force


Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a service that sets new trend in the event management history. Our mission is to provide novelistic events by keeping in mind, the vision of the customers.

Our Objective

We strive vigorously for gaining customer satisfaction by pursuing tailor made events as per the customer requirements. Our main objective is not only to manage events but also to manage the universe.



Quality Policy

“We can provide complete satisfaction to our customers through our event production and management services without comprising on quality under any circumstances.”
The talent, creativity and dedication of our professional team help us to create extraordinary events with endless possibilities.
We will pour our heart and soul on each and every event ensuring successful accomplishment of all the event objectives. Get Advantage of Best Events in Bangladesh If you wish to have a memorable, eye catching event feel free to contact us now.

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