Background History

EVENT FORCE BD is an icon in Event Management Industry in Bangladesh! We humbly present ourselves as one of the leading companies, if not the first, in Event Management Sector in Bangladesh. We started our journey in the diversified fields of Event Management for a long time and achieved a remarkable standpoint with our dedicated professional team. Our reputation is well known in both the Govt. and private sector.Event Force BD Group has five sister concerns: F Force, Flag3 Force, Weeding Solutions, Colorz and Dot Design. We expose ourselves in the arena of Branding & Promotion, Marketing, Event Logistic & Production, Corporate & Individual Events, Road & Stage show, Venue & Premises Décor, Guest & Security Management, Presentation & Documentary, Landscaping, and Beautification, and beyond!

Top Management

Brig Gen Md Zahurul Alam, ndc, psc (retd.)

Chief Adviser

Col Md Akhter Hamid Khan, psc(retd.)


Maj Syed Iqbal Hossain (retd.)

Vice Chairman

Abir Shawkot Haiar

Vice Chairman

Md. Shafiqul Amin Bipul

Vice Chairman

Sufia Khatun

Vice Chairman

S M Samiul Islam

Managing Director

Abdulla Hil Hossain


Raha Abdulla

Director, Marketing


From Vice Chairman


I feel proud to announce myself as the Vice Chairman of Event Force BD Group. Feeling the emerging needs of the security sector in Bangladesh, we wished to participate in this industry and formed EVENT FORCE BD in 2007. “EVENT FORCE BD” is our brand name. Our ultimate goal was to maintain the quality of our services and take the company to a different level. Our motto was simple; “profit is a logical sequence of quality.” And from the last decade, we maintain our quality of services to the top level. And for the grace of Almighty, we are now one of the pioneers of this industry. This is only possible for our dedicated, trained, healthy, smart, and professional security personnel who worked so hard with the passion to take the company to today's success. I am also thankful to all our honorable and beloved clients who believe in us and give us the opportunity to serve them. I wish all the success of our alliance and I hope for the best.




As’salamualaikum. Thanks for reading. The goal behind the formation of Event Force BD is to serve with the optimal quality and affections. We are in this sector because we love to work with people’s trust and belief. Working with ‘Security & Safety’ is not that much easy in Bangladesh. Setting up a concrete and solid management like law enforcement agencies, implementation, following up, monitoring and supervision quality made us the ultimate choice of clients through the decade. We worked hard, trained our staff, considered the small errors and most importantly we dedicated ourselves for gaining the trust of our beloved clients. And after 13 years we found ourselves one of the leaders in this industry. In this decade of glorious journey, we served hundreds andthousands of Commercial and Industrial clients, Bank-Insurance, Embassy & High Commissions, Construction clients, Housing Society, Individual’s house, Shopping malls and many more clients. We modernized our company from time to time to cope with the current ‘trend and style’ and became a technology friendly security services company. We set our auto feedback system stronger in these years so that we can receive reports in any situation. We have one of the best monitoring and supervision systems in this industry. Rely on us; we will take the necessary steps towards your safety and security.